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Who we are

COOPER COLORS is an exclusive color collection for your home. Trust our years of manual experience, which allows us to optimally implement our enthusiasm for color!

Our wall paints are produced in processes specially developed by us and are based exclusively on selected premium color pigments and high-quality raw materials with optimal environmental compatibility.

With colors from COOPER COLORS you create a unique atmosphere in your home! Travel the world with COOPER COLORS – from Oxford Blue to Paris Orange and Sydney Sun to Zurich Plum … and choose your perfect, individual color of choice from 192 high-quality shades – from classically subtle elegance to fashionably chic, trendy colors and trendy ones Fresh colors.

A special collection, COOPER COLORS ORGANICS, is particularly suitable for children, allergy sufferers and environmentally conscious people. Our organic silicate-based paints are extremely breathable, ionizing and oxygen-rich and are available in 127 selected colors.

Since we feel particularly responsible for people and the environment, our COOPER COLORS and COOPER COLORS ORGANICS are completely solvent-free and almost emission-free. We also live this commitment with our packaging for both COOPER COLORS and COOPER COLORS ORGANICS. We use high-quality, recyclable metal cans that are much easier to recycle than plastic cans. Our COOPER COLORS were awarded the Austrian eco-label for this consistent commitment.

How can you discover your individual color of choice? Quite simply: take our small COOPER COLORS sample pots home with you and try to your heart’s content which shade best suits you and your personal living environment. And convince yourself of the extraordinary opacity of the bright color depth of our products … Welcome to the world of COOPER COLORS!

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What we stand for

Because we at Cooper Colors attach great importance to sustainability and environmental friendliness, all our colors are completely odorless, water-dilutable and breathable. These properties require that our products ensure completely odorless surfaces that do not release unpleasant vapors and thus enable an environmentally friendly and pleasant lifestyle. In addition, we attach great importance to the highest quality and exclusivity for our colors, which is why all of our products are made from a mixture specially made by us and are based on selected premium color pigments and raw materials with optimal environmental compatibility.

A special collection at Cooper Colors is our Cooper Colors Organic. These biological wall paints are particularly suitable for children, allergy sufferers, doctor’s surgeries and environmentally conscious people and can even be used for listed buildings. These colors are also suitable for rooms where food is stored.

Our Cooper Colors were awarded the Austrian eco-label for this consistent commitment.

A biological paint based on silicate, which is completely free of solvents, plasticizers and preservatives. This color is predominantly made of mineral components, which replace harmful solvents. Another special feature is that this color is highly diffusible, which means that it is permeable to water vapor and thus prevents the formation of condensation. This allows the surface to “breathe”. It is also ionizing, oxygen-rich and, thanks to its high level of alkalinity, prevents mold and bacteria. Our organic paint is also characterized by its high quality and excellent properties on all interior wall surfaces, with optimal processing and excellent coverage.

In addition to our environmentally friendly and sustainable colors, our packaging is also high-quality and recyclable metal cans, which, in contrast to conventional plastic cans, are recyclable.