Exclusive Online Collection

Our name is derived from SCHLOSSSEITEN and Cooper Colours. It stands for the excellent quality of the colours, which not only create a special atmosphere in castles, but also make your home shine in a new light, true to the saying “My home is my castle”. A classic colour collection that can be used in any home was developed with the publisher of SCHLOSSSEITEN magazine. From the manor house to the modern loft, these colours exude a feel-good atmosphere, after all conjuring up a certain warmth in the room. Incidentally, the choice of name was based on old Austrian first names in order to further underline the tradition of this colour palette. Lisa Gasteiger-Rabenstein chose her favorite names for the eight shades of the Castle Colours to match the selected wall colours in order to be able to easily assign the colours to the wall surfaces. The selection from hundreds of colour shades should give you the security of having a coherent colour concept for your needs with the Castle Colours. Let the colours inspire you to design your personal oasis of well-being! When choosing a colour, not only personal preferences play a role, but also the colour effect that is given by the lighting conditions, the size of the room and the furniture. If you are not quite sure about your choice, a test coat on a small area often helps to test and precisely determine the colour effect in the respective room.