Frequently Asked Questions



What is the difference between Cooper Colours and “hardware store” colours?

Cooper Colours paints are extremely productive and are characterized by a particularly high opacity, which means that you need significantly less colour than conventionally and a double coat is sufficient in most cases. The quick drying also requires less working time. Our products consist of the highest quality raw materials and premium colour pigments, they are created from a recipe specially mixed by us and are carefully manufactured and bottled in our manufactory in Austria. This quality is also visually noticeable. All of our paints are water soluble, completely solvent-free and virtually emission-free. Unlike traditional paints, our Cooper Colours paints are also packaged in eco-friendly recyclable metal cans as we care deeply about the environment.
Can you paint Cooper Colours by yourself or do you need a professional painter?
Our Cooper Colours are particularly spreadable and can be processed very well. Under the heading Tips and Tricks you will also find instructions on how to paint by yourself and what you have to consider. Of course you can also leave the work to a professional, especially with demanding walls or certain techniques such as painting stripes, etc.

Does the colour look real like it does on the screen?

The colour may differ from the original colour on screens. This is because each monitor displays colour differently. It can also happen that the same colour looks different on the laptop than on the monitor screen or a smartphone. We therefore always recommend ordering a colour fan in advance for the final colour decision. If you want to be on the safe side, order our sample pots to test the colour in a real room.
What are sample pots for?
Our small sample pots are used to test the colour directly on your own walls. Since the colour representation on screens often looks different and even a small sample in the colour fan only serves as an initial colour selection aid, an original sample often helps with the colour decision. You can test the colour in different daylight and light conditions and let it work its magic on you before painting the whole room. It is also possible to paint our sample pots on a larger cardboard box, for example, so that you can also test the colour on the individual walls in the room.
Where can I get Cooper Colours paints?
You can order our Cooper Colours paint online directly from our website or obtain them from one of our numerous dealers and partners. We are also happy to accept orders by email at office@coopercolours.com.

What if I didn’t find the perfect colour for me?

We will mix any colour for you, no wish is impossible. As the only paint manufacturer, we also offer individual mixtures, such as based on a fabric sample or a special decorative piece. For this we need a small sample, which you are welcome to bring or send to us. For this service we charge a surcharge of 15% on the colour.
How often should you paint a colour?
We recommend always painting our Cooper Colours twice, even if they are often opaque after just one coat. This is the only way they can develop all their technical properties such as smear resistance, best opacity or excellent colour depth. With some shades such as orange or red tones, it may be necessary to apply the colour several times.
Is a primer recommended?
Whether a primer is necessary depends entirely on the substrate to be painted. In the case of highly absorbent substrates, untreated wood or building shells, a primer is recommended in any case. If there is already an intact old coat of paint, a primer can usually be dispensed with.
Who do I contact if I have problems?
We are very happy to help with any request. If you have any questions, complaints, requests or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Together we will find a solution! You can reach us at office@coopercolours.com or by telephone on +43 2236 378471. We are now also available via WhatsApp on +43 664 1237012.

my order

I have not received an order confirmation
If you have not received an order confirmation from us, please check your spam folder first, the confirmation may have ended up there. Otherwise, simply contact us by phone on +43 2236 378471 or by email at office@coopercolours.com, we will then be happy to see where the problem could be.
Can I change my order later?
Since we start mixing the ordered colours as soon as possible after receipt of the order, subsequent changes are unfortunately not possible in most cases. If you notice an error immediately after placing your order, please contact us as soon as possible – either by phone on +43 2236 378471 or by email at office@coopercolours.com – as long as the colour has not been mixed it may be possible.
Can I cancel my order?
As soon as the ordered colour has been mixed, it is unfortunately no longer possible to cancel the order, as we produce all our colours fresh for each customer and do not have any stock items. If you have to cancel your order immediately after completing the order, please contact us as soon as possible – either by phone on +43 2236 378471 or by email at office@coopercolours.com – and we will check whether the colour has already been mixed or we can still stop the production process.

Delivery & Shipping

In what countries do you deliver?
We currently deliver our Cooper Colours to all 27 EU countries. Delivery to other countries is currently difficult due to customs clearance, but we are working on a solution.
How much are the shipping costs?
The shipping costs depend on the quantity of the ordered colour.

Shipping costs Austria and Germany:
Colour fans and sample pots are sent free of charge
Colours: 6 € for postage and shipping
From € 350 net price: Postage and shipping are free

Rest of the EU country: 16 € for postage and shipping

How long does the delivery take?
Orders that we receive in the morning on weekdays are usually dispatched on the same day, all orders received later are dispatched on the next working day. Delivery within Austria is usually 1-2 working days after dispatch, delivery to Germany is 2-3 working days after dispatch.
I’m from the area. Can I pick up my paint directly at the company location?
Colours ordered can be collected from us by appointment during business hours (Monday-Thursday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Friday 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.). An earlier or later pick-up time may also be possible by arrangement. So that the shipping costs are not calculated, we ask that you order by email at office@coopercolours.com.
Can I track my package?
As soon as your package is shipped by us, you will receive an email with the invoice and the tracking number of the package, which you can then use to track the package with our shipping partner.
My package doesn’t come. What should I do?
If your package does not arrive, please check the tracking number with our shipping partner’s shipment tracking. You can find the tracking number in the email with the invoice. If you have not received this email, please also check your spam folder or contact us, either by phone on +43 2236 378471 or by email at office@coopercolours.com.


What payment options are possible?
With us you can pay with direct bank transfer, on account and with PayPal.
Do the prices shown include VAT?
The prices stated on our website include the statutory value-added tax and other price components and represent final prices.