With its rich, deep undertones, the calm sea blue with a long tradition blends perfectly into a wide variety of rooms. It conveys calm and security and its charisma is also reminiscent of a cloudless blue sky or the water of a lake. The colour Franziskus evokes associations with nature and holidays. Wherever you want a place of retreat and peace, you can achieve a pleasant background with this special shade of blue, which does not appear cold. Shades of blue are often used in bedrooms because blue contributes to relaxation; but it can also look very attractive in the bathroom as a contrast to white interior items. It is just as suitable as a background for pictures with a white passe-partout or for shabby chic furniture as it is for classic furniture in the Biedermeier or mid-century style. Light wood also contrasts perfectly with this colour. With this wall colour, the incidence of light in the room should be taken into account, so that the blue can shine particularly beautifully with the appropriate brightness. Even the rich colour of Franziskus appears light and airy. Furniture coatings and wall paneling also look particularly great in this shade.

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