This colour mixture has a thoroughly pleasant, warm, earthy quality: a warm beige with a slightly reddish undertone. A feel-good colour that you can use “lavishly” in the entire living area because it embraces you like a warming ray of sunshine and is not loud at the same time. This shade is very common in English cottages, because the interiors painted with it quickly make you forget about the rainy weather and look cozy. Yellow-beige room colours have long had numerous supporters because they create a positive mood in an uncomplicated way. Wherever brightness was required paired with down-to-earth comfort, this colour was often used. Again, the same applies here: It’s not white, but the colour is subordinate and many people like it very much. Leopold is just as suitable for the living room, kitchen or entrance area as it is for a children’s room or office. The cheerful mood then comes naturally from the color effect. In any case, you can hardly go wrong with this wall paint, because Leopold blends in well everywhere.

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While one coat is usually sufficient for primers, we recommend applying paint in two coats for best results.
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  • Dispersion (applied 2x)
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  • Paint (applied 2x)
  • Latex silky gloss (applied 2x)
  • Facade (applied 2x)
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