A colour steeped in history, which charmingly changes between green and gray tones depending on the incidence of light, is the wall paint Maria Theresia. Always present as a noble background in English and French houses, but only later popularized in Austria, Maria Theresa today conveys a thoroughly stylish and modern impression. This soft green tone, somewhat reminiscent of sage, is often used for window frames, doors and wall panelling. It is ideal in the interior area to present an upscale style. In combination with white and gold, it may appear somewhat imperial, but with light wooden floors it is definitely contemporary. The mild green-grey is particularly suitable for the living area, but due to its calm colour also for the bedroom. Even in the entrance area, perhaps supplemented by a Thonet-style coat rack, a table with a flower arrangement and a crystal chandelier, Maria Theresa makes a noble impression. In the home office, the colour with the unobtrusive tone is also a welcome helper to promote concentration and calmness. In country houses, especially when it comes to old or historic buildings, you are always in good hands with this traditional colour because it goes perfectly with it.

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