The subtle light gray tone by Theodora is not white, but chic and totally tidy – a subtle wall colour. The colour mixture of white and gray has a cool look, but with its very slight sand-coloured undertone it doesn’t appear cold. As a wall colour, it takes a back seat and is perceptible more as an atmosphere than as a colour. Anyone who doesn’t want an all-white wall but wants a versatile, elegant background will appreciate this subtle, delicate nuance of colour. Theodora is one of the neutral tones and adapts ideally to any room that should not have a prominent effect. Some might think that the inconspicuous soft gray is a “non-colour” because it represents the first, careful transition from white wall paint to a subtly coloured wall design. But that doesn’t mean that Theodora is a colour for beginners in interior design – quite the opposite! This nuance is very popular with architects, artists and designers who want to put the drafts and design objects in the foreground and present them in the best light. Theodora is suitable for almost all rooms, but is often used in combination with expressive colours as a contrast and goes very well with Vincentia and Maximilian, for example. Also ideal for the entrance area, for stairways and all surfaces on which pure white would appear too harsh.

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