This colour is an old, beautiful colour reminiscent of a dark terracotta, but includes beautiful pink and brown tones. The mixture of red and ocher results in a rich hue that appears calm and serious and makes a strong impression. Used in castles, bourgeois apartments and sacred buildings, this colour was often used in combination with gold and white or as a background for pictures and mirrors. This very down-to-earth colour is suitable for all living areas that should be highlighted without being obtrusive. However, it is not advisable to paint all the walls from floor to ceiling with this colour in all of these living areas, but to create contrasts with light – also white – surfaces. This allows Vincentia to have the best impact without looking too dark or serious. In combination with light wood, the result is a thoroughly modern overall picture. With the colour Vincentia, it is also advisable to pay attention to a harmonious lighting concept so that the different colour nuances create the desired moods. Green plants can also be staged spectacularly with this background. Or you can supplement Vincentia with Theodora and Josephine and thus achieve a gentler gradation of the dominant reddish brown.

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  • Latex silky gloss (applied 2x)
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